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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020

Media Students Having Different types of activities in the collage, Media Activities

From the university's activities

Dubai, October 13, 2020,

Zakaria Khattab

There are many facilities in the Media & Mass Communication department especially in the American University in the Emirates, where the students can make weekly activities. One of the activities that student usually do is practicing hosting a T.V show which is in the auditorium between the students and some teachers.

Furthermore, these activities can help us during our studying program to give us experience, courage and energy to fulfill our time. Nevertheless, the university supports us and gives us always the comfort which all the students need, by that the students can achieve much more. Moreover, we have an amazing activity that we do yearly, which is alumni reunion, we can talk to previous MMC students, ask them questions about the department and we get to see our friends as well. On the other hand, personally my favorite activity is a stand-up comedy at the car show, which AUE does it yearly, by experiencing this type of activity I gain more confidence in myself, as well as other students.

One of MMC students his name is Ahmed Yahya said, “Control media before it controls you” and he meant by that to be always ahead and try to produce more. Furthermore, the organizer of Car Show that we yearly do told me “Who controlled the mind is already controlled media”.

Eventually we can see that students of American University in the Emirates are getting a lot of events, activities and facilities to enjoy their time studying there, by that people will encourage themselves to do well and graduate with high CGPA.

American University in the Emirates offers up to seven colleges, Media and Mass Communication, Business, Information Technology, Design, Human Resources, Public Relations, Law, and Sports Management. Moreover, they offer many activities in each department and they always seek for our happiness.

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