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السبت، 9 أبريل 2022

Between real and fake


Between real and fake
Between real and fake

The problem of impersonating in the names of well-known personalities on communication sites is increasing without solutions, as social media sites are still teeming with false accounts that have been impersonated by people by the names of celebrities from the people of politics, art or literature and some of those accounts his companions indicated that they like the person, but the problem has some Another is that its owners delude people that the account is for the same famous person.

Control the situation when creating the account

The other problem lies with the departments of communication websites that have not been able to control the situation when creating the account, and sometimes it may take years until the matter is discovered, so that the account will be suspended after the plagiarism was exposed, as in the case of the account that the Russian President Vladimir Putin impersonated on Twitter. Since 2012, it was not suspended until late 2018 after its followers number exceeded one million, and its content is government links and Putin's public participation. Without reports sent to the Twitter administration by Russian officials, the account would not be suspended.

Work on documenting and authenticating

The most important point is the audience, and it is confused between the real account and the fake account, as with the passage of time and with the increase in the spread of fake accounts, the public may lose confidence in many accounts in the communication sites, and here it is necessary to work on documenting and authenticating, and it will not be difficult for the communications departments Knowing that the proposed name of the account is for a famous person or otherwise, and in the event that the person is famous it will be easy to make sure that the account creator is the same famous through his official documents, in which case the fake accounts will gradually fade away.

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