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الأربعاء، 18 مايو 2022

The power of social media

The power of social media
The power of social media

Day after day, social networking sites demonstrate the power of their influence at various levels. Politicians employ them for various purposes, such as spreading ideas and attracting audiences to support their orientations or stand with them in running for a position, and celebrities benefit from them in making or promoting for something. As for the general public, they communicate with each other and express their ideas. Sometimes comfort and simplicity, and there are those who do not know these sites because of the harsh conditions of their lives, but they serve a number of them from where they do not expect.

The behavior exceeds the limits

In the Egyptian city of Damiat, a vegetable seller selling on the sidewalk to manage her livelihood with her two children was affected by chasing officials and throwing their goods on the ground, and perhaps smashing them, because they are operating in violation of the regulations, except that filming a number of people for the scene and publishing it on the communication sites is fair, to return to Damiat Governorate Their rights are directed to investigate, hold accountable, and provide them with a place in the market in order to conduct their work safely.
The behavior they did exceeds the limits of their mission, and they were supposed to prevent them only or violate them, and not to cause them any harm.

The speed of message

The positive thing is that businessmen raised them what they saw and donated money to her to resume her commercial activity, and thus the communication sites turned the lives of those "weak" and her two children upside down, to start a new stage of her life, a stage called trust and safety, not weakness and fear, through a commercial store It is licensed and has good capital invested in trade.
This and other incidents that have spread on the communication sites confirm the power of influence, the speed of the message and the positive use, and the ability to change a person’s life, and this rarely happened before the launch of these sites.

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