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الخميس، 16 يونيو 2022

Consumer and technical battles


Consumer and technical battles

Consumer and technical battles

Hardly a day passes without hearing news about the competition between technology companies in developing applications and products, or about clear or hidden criticisms between them, and the aim of all this is to win the friendliness of consumers to attract the largest number of them.

Strange method

Attempts are being made to develop WhatsApp to compete with Snapchat, and the strange method of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to a previous talk by Apple CEO Tim Cook about his company's urge not to leak user data, in a hint of what Facebook has gone through scandals over the past months.

Public relations company

According to the New York Times, the strange method of Facebook's founder was to prevent his company's employees from using iPhones inside the company's buildings, and to coordinate with a public relations company to write negative articles about Apple. Although Facebook responded to the newspaper by saying that it did not prevent employees from using the iPhone but rather encouraged them to use phones running on the Android system because it is the most popular in the world, but that justification is not convincing, because the issue is essentially a battle Media between two large companies, each looking for an opportunity to spread more.

Tens or hundreds of millions

In sum, can these races or media battles between large technology companies be in the interest of the consumer, or is it ultimately a way to benefit from it, that is, raising the companies ’profits at his expense, if the small amounts paid by one consumer are collected by tens or hundreds of millions, we would have obtained Fictional numbers constitute the profits of these companies, but the consumer cannot live outside of time.

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