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Social networking sites are no longer filled with fake names whose owners do not only know, but exceeded the matter to the presence of those who impersonate the names of some celebrities without their knowledge, so they speak through those sites on their behalf, and they attract followers and talk with the public, deluding everyone that they are the real names, which calls for one of the website administrations is taking measures to verify the identity of someone applying to obtain an account in the name of a famous person, and there is no difficulty here, as search engines make it easier for those in charge of any site to know if the name is a public or known person, and then it can be verified, and there are ways to verify the technical people know it out.

Fake account on Twitter

Among the cases that a fake account on Twitter in the name of American billionaire Warren Buffett was recently exposed, his tweets written by Buffett style garnered millions of likes. The fake account owner practiced misleading the audience by writing the letter T at the end of the name instead of one letter, perhaps He did this to save himself from possible legal accountability if his falsehood was exposed and the original "Buffett" decided to put him on trial.

What is the benefit

Another issue that is supposed to be studied seriously by specialists is the psychological state of those impersonating other personalities, so what do they feel when they write what does not belong to them? How do they feel when they fully realize that what they are doing is immoral? Did any of them imagine that he would be up for trial, for example, if the original person decided to prosecute him legally? Most importantly: What is the benefit to him of his behavior and his misleading of people?
On the other hand, it is necessary to check the communication sites in the personalities of the account holders, and if you decide to allow the creation of an account only with explicit names and provide personal proofs, we will reach a virtual world closer to the real.

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