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الاثنين، 18 يوليو 2022

Madness Of Selfie


Madness of Selfie
Madness of Selfie

We understand that the technological development of phones has made it easier for people to document the moments of their lives through pictures of "selfies" in the various places they visit, but what is difficult to understand is exposing some of themselves to danger just for taking a picture, whether for remembrance or showing off in front of others, and it may exceed the danger level to reach a stage Death, many real examples.

The last moment

There are those who caused a traffic accident that ended his life due to a "Selfie" shot while driving, and there he wanted to take a "Selfie" photo from a high-rise site and he fell and his body was broken, as happened recently with an Indian couple who fell from a high garden to the bottom of the mountain, and the warnings placed in the place did not help By avoiding filming the "Selfie" in it, they slipped and it was their end, and the "Selfie" did not benefit them after they died, except that this photo is their last moment before they died.

The soul to the risk

The mind is required in all cases, and one must avoid any situation that is dangerous for his life, and it is absolutely crazy to expose the soul to the risk of death for any reason whatsoever, if we think that the reason is a "selfie" that does not sing or be fattened, and others can be depicted in less dangerous places , Or it is never dangerous.

Take care of life

Anyone should realize that his life is not a game but rather a trust he has before other people have, and he knows that those who love him will mourn for him after his departure, but if he has children, the calamity is much greater when he gives up his life easily, leaving them to the unknown. Let every lover of "Selfie" or crazy about it take care of his life, to devote his life to what is more important, and as it deserves to live it.

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