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السبت، 9 يوليو 2022

Man and machine conflict

Man and machine conflict
Man and machine conflict

With the development of scientific and technological advances, the number of professions that can be performed without human intervention increases, occupations that started with industry and today reached the bread which is the most important food for most of the peoples on earth.

large number of workers

With the increase in the number of occupations that the machine occupies, the number of the unemployed people increases in the world, or the income of those working in occupations becomes less part of it, and a large number of workers in those professions may be at risk of dispensing with their services, thus joining the list of unemployed people.
Nobody is against scientific development, of course, but the problem of that development sometimes lies in harming humans, as in the case we mentioned.
Some people may ask about solutions, and here it is possible to think about finding alternative occupations for humans that are compatible with the development experienced by humans in this era, or work to make the "working" machine subject to human management, or take any action that does not affect the standard of living of employees and workers in the professions To which the machine began to take its path.

The future is for everyone

The global economic reality is very difficult during recent years, and the difficulty may last for many more years, so it is necessary to take into account the reality of people and try to help them instead of making the pressures exhausting them, the developed world day after day is supposed to keep pace with its development with the facilities and not the complications, and it is not correct that the facilities are from. In order to serve a group of people at the expense of a segment that includes times the number of times the first segment, the future is for everyone, not for a group and not others.

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