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الخميس، 14 يوليو 2022

The ancient press


The ancient press
The ancient press

There is no doubt that the ancient press has its glow, and whatever has been said, the newspapers that were established in an ancient time are difficult to finish easily, so history has its rulings.

The way in distribution

Hence the investment in that press provides a picture of the conviction of many of the importance of the media, especially the press in this era, including the purchase of the rich American doctor of Chinese origin, Patrick Sun-Cheung, to the American newspaper "Los Angeles Times" that has been published since 1881, and it is among the Newspapers lead the way in distribution at the level of the United States of America, to confirm this conviction, and clarify that there is no room for the end of the ancient press.

 Progressing amazingly

Because the new Los Angeles Times investor is active in biotechnology, is able, with his mentality, to make the newspaper he bought for half a billion dollars keep pace with the times and the technological advances that are progressing amazingly, knowing that he has many other investments in the press.
So, despite what has been said and said about the extinction of the press and the control of the "new media" on the scene, that reality shows that the old, discreet press cannot end, the standards on which it depends are not present in the new media, and among the most important of these criteria comes professionalism, credibility and analysis High in addition to accuracy, wording and other matters.

Through the media

Continued investment in the media, and in the press branch of it, confirms that it is an area stuck to people. At this time, no one has gone away from what is happening around him, in the places near him, or anywhere in the world, and all this through the media of all kinds. This investment will be profitable, and more profitable if it is professional and sincere.

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