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السبت، 6 أغسطس 2022

Are you really satisfied with your website



You will probably answer this question with "basically yes" or "could run even better". Because even when things are going well, there are always individual aspects that could be improved. Regardless of whether you are at the very beginning or can already look back on some successes in online marketing: you will have to deal with the optimization of your website and other online activities at regular intervals. However, in order for success to grow and be measurable, it is first important to clearly define each online marketing goal.

The Internet today offers an almost unmanageable number of possibilities. The possible goals you are trying to achieve with your online presence are correspondingly diverse. And so, creating a new LinkedIn profile is not the end goal, but is at the beginning of a successful digital strategy. With the so-called SMART method, the potential of an internet presence is discovered and possible objectives clearly defined. The LinkedIn itself is just one of many measures that can help to achieve online goals.

Recognize potential - define goals correctly

In order to define possible online marketing goals, it is first necessary to recognize the online potential of your own company. In many industries it is difficult to assess potential, for example because there are no relevant references. The view of your own company is always subjective. An external consultant, for example an online marketing agency , can be helpful in an objective potential analysis.

In order to define your own online goals, it is very helpful to realize which goals can be achieved and pursued for companies via the Internet. We differentiate between 2 main goals: branding goals or conversion goals. This is important to define, because if you want to use the right online marketing tools, you have to know exactly what you have to measure in order to optimize the measures later.

Here is a rough list of the branding goals:

· Existing customer care

· Customer feedback

· Dissemination of information

· Product information, transparency

· Market research

· Increase awareness / visibility

· Building a brand

· Image improvement of the company

· Customer support

· Simplify business processes

· Relieve administration

Here is a rough list of conversion goals:

· Sales increase

· Profit increase

· Online sales

· Acquisition of new customers

· Downloads

· Acquisition of new employees

· Acquisition of new business partners, suppliers etc.

· Find investors or sponsors

The number of possible online destinations is therefore diverse. Now it is very important that you define exactly what you want to improve for your goals so that the goal is achieved. Use the proven SMART method in combination with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Key performance indicator (KPI)

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is an indicator for business performance. The key indicators can serve as a target in online marketing. It helps to evaluate and control processes, successes and failures in a company.

Examples of KPIs in online marketing are:

· Sales through an online shop

· CTR / Click Through Rate

· Number of impressions

· CPC / cost per click

· CPO / cost per order

· CPL / cost per lead

· Number of orders

· Number of newsletter registrations

· Number of inquiries via the online form

· Number of new customers per month

· Clicks

· Position of the website for certain keywords in search engines

· and much more....

Define measurable goals with the SMART method

The key performance indicator helps you to express your goals in clear numbers. With the so-called SMART method, corporate goals are also formulated and described effectively and in detail. By the way, SMART stands for specific - Specific - measurable – attainable - realistic.

Formulate goals specifically

Specific means concrete and unmistakable. Smart goals are not general or unclear, but formulated specifically.

Formulate goals measurably

Goals are formulated so that success or failure can be measured. The KPI is used to measure targets.

Formulate goals in an executable manner

Describe your goals optimistically and attractively so that you motivate yourself and your employees.

Formulate goals realistically

Realistic goals correspond to the potential that your industry has on the Internet. Consider your resources, means and possibilities and formulate your goals demanding and optimistic, but not unrealistic.

Formulate goals in a scheduled manner

Make a fixed appointment to achieve your goals. Formulate exactly what you want to achieve with your online presence and when.

Example of objectives using the SMART method

The following online marketing goal: The number of visitors to the company website is to be increased by 30% within twelve months.

Specifically -> The number of visitors to the website should be specific.
measurable -> An increase in the number of visitors by 30%
Executable -> More visitors and more attention to the website
Realistic -> The increase in the number of visitors by 30% is realistic after advice from an online marketing agency.
Scheduled -> Within twelve months or specifically by December 31, 2020 at the latest

Conclusion: For continuous growth it is essential to define the goals in concrete terms. This is the only way to find solutions to achieve these goals. The SMART method makes it possible to formulate goals more clearly. The key performance indicator makes abstract goals more tangible and helps you to measure success and failure.

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