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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 13th October

Abdullaziz Mohammad

The American University in the Emirate (AUE) takes “nothing is impossible” as its motto, as the President and CEO of the University Dr. Muthanna Abdullrazaq said: “I am proud to be part of an organization capable of fulfilling your dreams, as we believe that nothing is impossible”, the University has the readiness to develop student’ capabilities and meet their needs. It has rules and students abide it all, what attracted my attention more, the relations between the students and the professors, they respect and understand each other.

There are many different majors and one of the majors that I will talk about is Public Relations, it is one of the most important administrative activities that achieve progress and development for institutions and companies, this major include practicality on a range of public relations and campaigning skills, or press conferences this is in addition to the academic theoretical materials that appear on the exams, the American University in the Emirates has designed the subject of this major (Public Relations) so that the students are able to work individually or collectively outside the university campus, this is what makes the student able to demonstrate a good understanding of academic principles in practical projects, whether from writing articles or lectures, the university also focused on the experience of its students gained from practical applications during the years of the major, this make it possible for the student to join a job related to the field of work, whether paid or unpaid as an important part of the study plan, as Dr. Muthanna Abdullrazaq said; “Preparing students for successful life and career paths is one of the university’s main commitments”.

The American University in the Emirates is distinguished for its educational staff and a very high level of education, the university always seeks the desires of its students and teachers. You can visit the website of the American University in the Emirates through

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