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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020


American University in the UAE

By: Fareed Khatib‏

American university in the emirates is located in Dubai and it is famous and known between all students from other schools and universities in the country and outside the country.

In AUE you can find many things you are searching for, you can find many specialization that you want for example (media, business, public relations, ….etc). Also in AUE we have many activities such as car show, global day, also many famous people are studying in our university and they enjoy.

AUE is one of the leading universities in terms of facilities and development of the buildings with separate blocks, with each block handling a specific college.

The laps are highly prepared for the students and comfortable for delivering the information.

Car Show
Car show event is one of the most interesting and entertaining shows for the students and brings lots more fun for the AUE audience with the participants coming from all across the country to make the joy on the faces of the people.

The car show had got a lot of audience and it’s not only about the shows but along side that, there are old fashion car models for people that prefer the old school car. Some cars are put for pictures where students can enjoy their photographies with their friends.

Some participants are really knowledgeable and know a lot about the engine of the car and before of the show they give a speech discussing how they prepare their cars for shows and what it takes to reach this level.

Part from the fun that AUE got through their events, we must also be reminded for its study facilities and the quality of the professors that they have for each college bringing students to the real world of the life of the university with the smooth tools and techniques in delivering and receiving information for students back and forth.

The IT SUPPORT is one of the great things that AUE got and problems can easily be solved. Not to forget, it’s a great work to study for all ages and it’s not limited for teenagers as it has weekend schedules, so if you think you are old to complete your study, you are totally wrong as AUE will serve you with the way it comforts you!

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