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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020

Public relations in college of media and mass communication in American University in Emirates

American University in the UAE

By: Beshr Olaiwi

Public relation is an important section in mostly everything, from companies to small businesses. The effect of PR is always present everywhere that’s why a lot of students decide to study PR because it has a future. In AUE they offer PR and it is actually interesting according to a couple of students I asked about it from. In terms of diversity AUE only has one major in Arabic which is PR as well as in English which shows how much AUE cares about PR and can give you options in both Arabic and English.

In AUE we do a lot of fun events from cars to singers and obviously you need event planners for such things and you need media coverage. Instead of hiring people AUE uses their own students to plan and organize along side the doctors and professors so they can all give us the event we have fun in. the events we get are pretty amazing from my point of view, they include the audience in them and you get a close up. Before corona attacked us the University was going to make an event with Tamer Hosny as the headline which shows you how much these events are perfect to have such a big Arabic artist in it and they got Mohammed Assaf in the same event the year before, from the PR point of view this such a big way to make a name for yourself in the area you are at.

I asked a student who is studying PR his name is Ghanem Ahmad, in his words he said “PR is interesting here in AUE it isn’t boring which makes me want to study PR and not just watch from distance. The professors put work and that makes me more interested in the courses that are about PR”. This statement shows how the public relations major in the university is interesting for the student and not just there for nothing.

From what I see our university AUE is very diverse and cares about everyone so if you’re graduating and want to apply to PR I recommend you apply to AUE.

The universities website: where you can find information about the PR major and a way to contact the university.

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