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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020

The College of Media and Mass Communications in the Emirates

American University in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10/13/2020

Sabah Laith

Mass communication is vital creating a social environment because changes in subtle areas such as the socialization of each person in relation to knowledge, skill, and information, can be mentioned by using the method of mass communication. The programs that AUE provides makes intellectual stimulation easier, in order to create more love and intuition for the process of learning. These methods allow students through a sustainable environment of academic practices to meet challenges of a collaborative and competitive environment that provides opportunities of cultural inclusiveness, internationalism, and higher education.

The aim of the College of Media & Mass Communication is to provide people who are interested in the CMMC industry with useful information and knowledge about communication. In the constantly growing business of communication, relating to sectors like diplomacy. With decent knowledge in liberal arts, college students are also place into the state-of-the-art methods and approaches.

The College of Media & Mass Communication at AUE holds the promises of tomorrow. The programs offered by the college transform students as communication graduates, with possibilities, pragmatism, and scholarly entrepreneurship all in one package. The programs are designed to bring satisfaction of learning and include exposure to experiencing the invisible side of culture and society; the social environment and conditions will be vividly understood and appreciated.

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