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السبت، 7 نوفمبر 2020

As the world meets during COVID-19 “AUE “seeks to maintain contact with its students

By: Noora Mahmood Hassen

Despite distance learning and social distancing, the university is keen to communicate with its students virtually by hosting a variety of arts, scientific knowledge, and cultural webinars to enhance students' belonging and well-being.

The College of Media and Mass Communication at the American University in the Emirates, under the supervision of the Public Relations Department with Dubai Police, coordinated an initiative session entitled "Services of the Federal Youth Foundation" via the Zoom platform. Its goal was to educate university students in various security, social and future fields.

"The Importance of DNA in Crime Scenes" is a webinar that Lieutenant "Abdullah Al Bastaki", an expert in biology, DNA and forensic medicine from Dubai Police, told us in depth in the details of how forensic scientists solved the crime scene.

The slogan of Professor "Muthanna Abdul Razzaq", Rector of the University, "Nothing is impossible" was inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. On the crisis that we are in, the divergence between people, and the lack of communication, unless we find many innovative ways to continue our march without any hindrance.

Stay tuned for more virtual programs coming online!

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