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الثلاثاء، 12 أبريل 2022

Trio of this age


Day after day technology is developing in the interest of the human being and serving him to facilitate his movement and communication with others. With each new experiment, experts create a positive station through which they can move to a more advanced station.

There are many developed countries seeking to introduce their technological innovations, and begin working with them to explore the results and then decide, and in most cases, these results are fruitful. For example, Sweden has begun experimenting with a public road in which electric cars are charged while they are going through it, by contacting a railway Connected with the road. This experiment, if successful, will help reduce fuel consumption and encourage people to use electric cars.

Such beneficial experiences for humankind are necessary, so shortening the requirements of life has become important in light of the high prices, the economic boom and the individual’s inability to meet all of his needs, and the contribution of technology in reducing some expenses has a role in securing other more important needs.

The economy in general has become linked to humans, and the governments that work to advance their economies to ensure the interests of individuals are successful. Therefore, we find the citizen satisfied with government performance as long as the economic recovery exists, and when the indicators of the economy fall, the picture is reversed.

So, through the principle of relations based on the hypothesis of future work, the link between the trio (economics, technology, and human) is now fundamental, and there is no room for separating any of them from the other, and any government approach increases that link and makes progress in the interest of this trio as it is a commendable approach calculated To its manufacturer. And the experiences that come in succession remain the basis in that industry, and every successful technological experiment enriches the process of development, it will enrich the economy and the human being.

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