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الأربعاء، 25 مايو 2022

Jobs not for humans


Jobs not for humans
إJobs not for humans

It seems that technology over the days will gradually continue to take the place of human effort in many of the tasks that were performed by man. Although this information has been said before, and will be said, but some professions that were difficult to think that non-humans can perform, in which the human role will be reduced to the margins, and we will witness a large number of jobs that are not performed by humans.

A robot that reads live

It is strange, for example, that we listen to news bulletins from a robot instead of the broadcaster that we are familiar with watching and hearing while reading the bulletin. Perhaps the recent Japanese experience in anchor broadcaster "Erika" provides a picture of the "robot", which reads what news editors prepare in the newsletters.
And it seems that the attempts of Director of the Smart Robotics Laboratory at the University of Osaka, Dr. Ishiguro, which began in this direction four years ago, will succeed in achieving a "robot" that reads live. "Robot" can follow fourteen people in one hall with special sensors of rays, and techniques that enable him to recognize the faceprint, and there is nothing wrong with him joking around, too.

Develop the Robot

Attempts are continuing to develop the "robot" news reader, and Dr. Ishiguro himself has a similar experience four years ago to a robot in a museum in Tokyo, and Microsoft presented in 2015 a "robot" who could read a morning newscast in China.
So, artificial intelligence is developing, and the technical world is developing amazingly. As for humans, they must evolve in order to maintain their positions, otherwise the machine will excel. 

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