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الخميس، 2 يونيو 2022

People need to communicate


People need to communicate
People need to communicate

Despite the scandals that Facebook has gone through regarding selling subscriber data on its site, and calls for boycotting it that have spread in American and European societies, the company has continued to grow, and its share price has increased in global markets after falling slightly, which confirms that the need People for social media are so powerful that they can't give up on sites that offer that service.

Political purposes

The CEO and one of its founders, Mark Zuckerberg, finally defended his company in an article published by The Wall Street Journal by saying, "If we are committed to serving everyone, we need services that are affordable to all. The best way to do this is to provide free services, which is what you provide for us." Announcements " to be in the category of re-imagining the positive mental image of the company after it was shaken by its problem related to misuse of user data, violation of privacy and the use of data for political purposes.

More importantly

Zuckerberg, in his article titled "Facts about Facebook," explains the way business and benefits are through advertising. Perhaps it is also part of improving the company's current photos, and this idea supports his sentence, "We do not sell people's data even though we are often accused of that." . More importantly, he addresses the public in a way that addresses their needs by saying, "Billions of people get a free service to keep in touch with those they care about and to express themselves."
So, people need to communicate with each other, and that is the point that Facebook and other communication companies realize, and that is why it is persistent and difficult to hinder casual obstacles.

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