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YouTube and an increase in spreading


YouTube and an increase in spreading
YouTube and an increase in spreading

YouTube belongs to Google and is used for broadcasting videos or audio clips. YouTube’s capacity is very high, and it has a huge number of clips worldwide. The content maker or the owner of the channel on YouTube can determine the segment that you watch. , Making it available to everyone, or private to it alone, or a limited number controls it.

Publishing television material

The site, which is based on the technology called "Adobe Flash", appeared in the United States in February 2005, when the world knew its owners, namely, "Chad Hurley", "Jawed Karim", "Steve Chen", but the giant company "Google" bought it in October 2006 in a smart move and a future vision, with a very large amount of 1.65 billion dollars, and over time the site gained importance when the media that created its own platforms on it, through which the television material is published, to turn into a mixture of broadcasts immediately after the show, and the archive that can be returned to By the public. However, things then took a more mature turn when Google introduced the feature of live broadcasting.

A lot of languages

The number of subscribers of "YouTube" exceeded one billion 3 years ago and it possesses the characteristics of search engines, just like "Google" and its ranking in the most visited sites in the world is the third, and is preceded by only "Google" itself, then "Facebook".
YouTube can be viewed in 76 languages, or nearly 95% of those who use the Internet. It is worth noting that half of these follow on mobile phones, at a rate of approximately 40 minutes per view.

Broadcasting through the internet

In addition, I entered the issue of profit via YouTube for content owners through advertisements managed by the site and pumped to channels that achieve its conditions, and this step came to convince YouTube management of the future of technology, and this confirms that in 2015 according to studies and statistics, the percentage of viewership has been reduced. Television, on the other hand, the percentage has increased on YouTube, particularly among audiences between the ages of 18 and 49. There are likelihoods, according to studies from academic bodies, that after six years from today, half of the audience will follow what is broadcasted through the internet, and not through the TV channels that require participation to watch.

Continuing to develop the tools

Other studies indicated that "YouTube" had a role in the sharpening of the events in 2011 during the phase called "the Arab Spring" or "revolutions", as the direct broadcast through which young people employed it to spread scenes of events in the world and pressure the governments and invite people to participate in the demonstrations.
If we look at other aspects of the youth’s use of YouTube, we would find singers who publish modern songs, and return to what they call beautiful time, and there are women who provide episodes of cooking, and there are also channels for children and others for sports.
However, despite its strict controls, users and followers note that there are objections to some of the material for what they consider to be a violation of good morals or intellectual property rights .. Whatever happens, YouTube is continuing to develop its tools, and it is in increasing spread.

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