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الأربعاء، 4 مايو 2022

Social Media And Political Work


Social Media And Political Work
Social Media And Political Work

Social networking sites have become part of the daily life of any individual, and its impact has become evident in societies, and many examples. Perhaps celebrities, including politicians, artists, athletes, and others have entered these sites in order to achieve mass gains, whether in elections or to prove permanent attendance, and there are those who have a remarkable and controversial presence such as the President Donald Trump on Twitter, and the impact of his tweets and statements reached the point of threatening the Twitter administration shortly before he stopped his account.

Using Media For Political Purposes

Before Trump, former US President Barack Obama was able to use Facebook in his campaign for his first term, and there are many world politicians in various countries who use media for political purposes, some of whom are promoting an election campaign, and some of them are talking about his country's policies, and others are announcing Their positions through them, and they communicate with citizens before making special decisions in local affairs, and many of them seek consultants and specialists to communicate with the public.

The Number Of Followers

There are many experiences for politicians attending on communication sites, and there are successful and unsuccessful experiences, and sometimes these methods have determined the extent of the influence of this or that politician in political events, and the effect can be observed through the number of followers and their interaction with what the politician proposes.

Transmit The News

The situation exists in the Arab world, and some Arab politicians have devoted sessions in the virtual space to communicate and dialogue with people, but they have retreated and their pages have become stereotypes that only transmit their news, and some of them have made it clear that their account is personal, and they have become conversing with people simply, which gave them popularity. and the strangest politicians are those who They express opinions, reject dialogue, and refrain from insulting and banning their opponents.

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