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الخميس، 23 أبريل 2020

Benefits of mice

Benefits of mice
Benefits of mice

Many people do not know of the types of proteins other than animal and vegetable, but for a person to be himself a producer of his own proteins, this is another case ... and that some of these proteins take over the task of baldness, hair loss or the task of converting hair to white, that is the calamity of our proteins that are produced by our bodies.

Stem cell factor
According to "Time" magazine, a number of American University of Texas scientists discovered the secret while conducting their genetic experiments on "defeated" mice, which came through many scientific discoveries due to the experiments conducted on them, and they found a protein that leads to a change in the skin cells to make them produce another protein. As for the first protein (KROX20), it lacks of production from the body, stops hair growth until it ends and through it the mice become hairless, and the second called "stem cell factor" takes charge of preserving hair color, and its absence displaces the color, so the hair becomes white As bright as snow.

Support the human body

Scientists are still searching for the possibility of applying their theory to humans, and if what was said about the state of mice is correct, it is more likely that the science will reach to support the human body in some way with the type of protein required when it is needed to protect from baldness or maintain hair color before bleaching.
As for the mice that everyone disgusts, its existence is an undeniable favor to the human race in many international discoveries. Otherwise, we would not have used the term "experimental mice" in our lives.

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