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الخميس، 23 أبريل 2020

Publishing concerns

Publishing concerns
Publishing concerns

Arab publishers have many concerns they talk about, including the lack of a sale that covers expenses, and some talk about the difficulties and costs of shipping books to international Arab and foreign book fairs, in addition to their continued grumbling about the low level of reading in Arab societies, i.e. in other words, most of them according to their hadiths lose and do not profit.

The second party in the publishing process

If this is the case with this image, we can ask why the Arab publishers continue to search for writers to print for them and then distribute the written product wherever available.
More important than the above, if we look at the second party in the publishing process, which is the writers, we will find them complaining - especially the new ones - of publishers shedding their rights on unfair contracts, and many publishers take from the writer the cost of printing, and give him a number of copies that may not exceed 10 percent , And the rest is accounted for, and the writer does not receive if the publisher is satisfied with only the crumbs from the proceeds of the sale.

Arab reading situation 

In order for the Arab reading situation to be healthy, the relationship between the publisher and the writer needs to be balanced in order to reflect positively on the quality of the publications and the choices of the recipient.

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