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الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020

AUE College of Public Relation Announces New Short Term Course

American University in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

By: Farhad Ahmad Alokozay

The University of AUE in association with other universities abroad have recently announced the introduction of a new course for its college of Public relations. The course offered in the existing structure is only available for students for a long term course. The colleges to date provided two undergraduate and two postgraduate courses. The inclusion of the short term specialized course will give a chance for the college to spread its wings into a new direction.

The university in line with its vision to provide high-quality education in different fields of study has increased the number of courses offers for various other colleges affiliated under the university, the college of public relation gets three new courses of varying durations. The courses are offered to the postgraduate and tye undergraduate student of any stream. The course is also related to the development and enhancement of skills for the professionals. Other than these, the course will also facilitate students who want to add extra cognitive skills to their portfolio.

A specialized branch of teachers will conduct the course. The admission for the process will start from January 2021 for the session 2021-2022. The courses are designed to give practical and technical knowledge to the students.

The College of Public Relations is one of the best colleges in the country and provides a unique field of study. The college also in association with other universities abroad conducts a student exchange program to help the students have a better understanding of the PR system.

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