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الأربعاء، 13 أبريل 2022

A life without Google


A life without Google
A life without Google

As time progressed, new technologies followed us and added more facilities to our daily life. If we only looked at Google and the services it provides constantly, we would have found that our previous lives before it were not as easy today, from e-mail service to Google Maps, by using it. Navigating through specific coordinates to sites we want to go to, so we get the place or what is nearby and then we go ... and there are many services that the company provides such as keeping numbers and addresses in the contacts in the e-mail and transfer them to any new phone, and the "YouTube" and others.

Free services

The company "Google" and other similar companies provide their services for free, but they are profitable companies, and they have a huge number of employees in their headquarters and branches in the world, and reap their profits from ads and user data, and whatever those companies deny that they do not sell data, the reality denies that, and there is what Expose and the rest will come. And if the users abandoned it, it would go bankrupt. Let's imagine, after all this development, that we will return to live without these services, so how should we behave? Are we who are accustomed to these facilities eligible to abandon them? What about the communication sites, and the possibility to stay away from them? And other things that we have learned, and some of us only leave hours of sleep.

Let us try

Let us try, and try to take a break from these modern technologies, and let us try one day. Whoever is able to coexist with the new situation can reduce the use of technology to clear his mind more, and who drowned in that technology and could not, because the topic deserves to be tried again and again.
Here, we do not underestimate the importance that technology companies offer us, but attaching too much to it may harm and not benefit, so the student neglects his studies, the employee is his work, the mother is her children, and the head of his family is in a situation that is never desired.

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