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الخميس، 14 أبريل 2022

Read the book or hear it


Read the book or hear it
Read the book or hear it

It seems that the development does not stop in the world of books. After we used from literary beginnings to paper books, the situation developed to read electronic books through small or large screens through iPads or computers, and then recently entered the idea of ​​the audio book, which became "Trend" On social media.

The modern listener

The idea itself is not new, and schools and universities have known it since the first half of the last century, but what is new in it is its transmission from a cylinder or cassette to the electronic state on the Internet, and after the book was heard in the past, it needs a "Gramafon" or "cassette recorder", The modern listener is now using a variety of devices, and he can hear the book anywhere through the multiple devices spread by everyone, from phone, tablets or computers, meaning that it is easy over what we imagine, but can the audible book overcome the paper book and remove it from the forefront of the reading issue in Societies?

Large number of members

What is certain is that the audiobook is going through challenges on its way to spreading, the most important of which is the paper reading that people composed, and it may be more present for a large number of members of the new generation who opened their eyes to technological time, but the older generation of them will not easily accept the idea, then being familiar with paper ,it is difficult to give up, as well as the subject of the home library. Many people like to keep paper books in private libraries for review when needed. As for the audio book, libraries cannot embrace it, but its experience is continuous, and we expect its results through accurate statistics from the people concerned.

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